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Trip Information Klickitat



Check in for our Klickitat Trip is at 9:30am.  We recommend arriving 30 minutes early to sign waivers and meet the guides. We may be unable to accommodate guests who arrive late and we cannot guarantee refunds to late guests.


Leidl South Boat Ramp, WA, 98620

*Leidl Campground is a beautiful place to camp in the spring time.   If your group camps there the night before your trip you can save yourself the early morning drive and be sure that you won’t be late!  You will need a Washington Discover Pass to park or camp at Leidl.  You can purchase your Discover Pass at


(From Portland Area/Hood River)

Once in Hood River, cross the Hood River Bridge into Washington.  Take a left onto WA-14 W, go 1.5 miles, then turn right onto WA-141 Alt/WA-141.  Go 2.2 miles, then make a left and continue onto WA-141 N. Go 7.9 miles and turn right onto BZ Corner Glenwood Rd/BZ Glenwood Hwy/Glenwood Rd. Continue to follow BZ Glenwood Hwy for 14.6 miles then continue straight onto Lakeside Rd.  Follow Lakeside Rd for 5.6 miles then take a sharp right onto Glenwood Hwy. Follow Glenwood Hwy for 12.1 miles and then turn right to the Leidl South Boat Ramp and look for our green shuttle buses.


What To Bring:

You will need a Discover Pass in order to park at Leidl!  You can see pricing options and purchase a Discover Pass online at

We provide all of the rafting gear you need!  All you need to bring is your swimsuit!  If you have any medications, snacks, or a water bottle you would like to bring on the trip just let your guide know and we can keep them dry and secure in a dry bag on the raft so that they can be accessed quickly if needed.  Under the wetsuit, plan on wearing either your swimsuit, your underwear, or just your birthday suit!  Synthetic long underwear or rash guards can also be nice to wear under your wetsuit.  Guests are welcome to bring and wear their own wetsuits, neoprene booties, and helmets.  If a guest wishes to use their own PFD it must be rated type V.  Guests are welcome to wear hats under their helmets as long as it doesn’t obscure their vision.  Guests are welcome to wear glasses/sunglasses on the river but we highly recommend using croakies or a retention device to prevent them from getting lost. We may have some croakies available for purchase before the trip. We recommend against bringing any electronics (such as phones or cameras), jewelry, or valuables of any kind on the trip.  A good rule of thumb is that the more expensive it is, the faster it will sink to the bottom of the river!  After you change into the gear we provide, use your vehicle as your locker and keep all your dry clothes, footwear, and any valuables locked safely in your vehicle.  Do not bring your vehicle keys on the river!  We will provide a safe and secure location for guests to leave their keys so that they do not get lost and will be waiting for you after the trip.

What we provide:

All our guests will be provided with wetsuits, neoprene booties, Type V PFDs, helmets, splash tops, and a delicious lunch.

Trip Itinerary

Once everyone has checked in and signed waivers, at 9:30am, we will begin handing out gear and explain how to get changed.  Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you have about how to put on your rafting gear.  Once everyone has changed, we will board the green shuttle buses and drive to the launch site at Parrott Crossing, 18.5 miles upstream.  At the launch site there will be a brief rafting orientation and then guests will be split into their raft crews and we will get the rafts into the water and begin the trip.  Once we shove off, the class II-III+ rapids begin immediately and will keep your crew busy for the next 7 miles.   This section is a true Pacific Northwest Wilderness Experience!  Once we launch, there are no roads or access points to the canyon until we reach the fish hatchery 7 miles downstream.  Rafting and kayaking is the only way to see the continuous whitewater rapids, towering walls of basalt columns, and rugged mountain forest that characterize this section of river.  After passing the hatchery and running the fishladder, the rapids will diminish a bit.  We’ll paddle through a couple more miles of Class II+ rapids before pulling over and enjoying a delicious riverside lunch.  After lunch there will still be a few more splashy waves but the river will calm quite a bit, which will give you a chance to relax and take in the incredible scenic views of the canyon such as the magnificent Wonder Falls.  After a total of 18.5 river miles we will usually reach our takeout at the Leidl South Boat Ramp around 3pm.   There at the park, everyone can change out of their rafting gear and have the opportunity so see and purchase photos from the trip, taken by our professional photographer!  We will also have T-shirts, hats, and stickers available for purchase for anyone who would like to take a souvenir home!  We hope you enjoyed the trip and return to run more whitewater with us soon!  Most of our business comes through word of mouth, so if you enjoyed your trip, tell your family and friends about it!  Tag us on social media and leave us reviews on Trip Advisor or Yelp!


Make sure to check out our policies ahead of time and the waiver you will have to sign.